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Each Starr of Texas installation is an artisticsculpture designed toinspire and delight yourguests.

Creating experiences:

Our balloon installations creating vibrancy and intimate spaces, adding texture and light to any room or outdoor area.

We work to capture the mood, dividing your event into organic spaces so your special event has an intriguing ambience.

Whether it’s about sophistication, fun, a retro look or a futuristic theme, we’ll help you define and deliver a memorable theme.

Drawing attention to a brand or product:

Each installation is designed to be eye-catching, drawing people to a focal point, product or new brand. The artistic nature of our balloon sculptures inspires people to capture and share their experience on social media.

The artistry of colour and form

We work with all types of space, shaping our balloon sculptures to create interest and impact within any area; indoor or outdoor, vertical or horizontal.

We create organic shapes and wrap them around buildings, fill indoor areas, add color to walls and stairwells, or suspend your imagination in mid-air.

Our only limit is the horizon of your imagination.

Endless possibilities:
• Features and Media walls
• Ceilings, walls and roofs
• Garlands and arches

• Balloon Bouquets

• Jumbo 36" balloons

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